Sagunt (Sagunto)

Guide to Sagunt, a town in the Costa del Azahar region of Spain.

Costa del Azahar Towns - Sagunt (Sagunto)

Sagunt (Sagunto) - A significant historic town located about 25 kilometres north of Valencia, Sagunt (Sagunto) was the site of a thriving Iberian community as far back as the 5th century BC. Even then the town was walled and fortified, and its Iberian inhabitants traded with passing Phoenician and Greek mariners.

In 219 BC, the famous Carthaginian general Hannibal laid siege to the town, after several months the town was sacked and destroyed and its inhabitants killed (those who were not killed, reputedly took their own lives rather than be captured by Hannibal's savage troops).

This incident set in motion the Second Punic War, which resulted in the defeat of the Carthaginians and the occupation of the Iberian Peninsular by the Romans.

The Romans rebuilt the town as Saguntum, and even today there are plenty of reminders of the Roman occupation. The ruined castle, built on a hill overlooking the town, has sections from various civilizations including Iberian, Carthaginian, Roman and Arabic, it was added to and improved by various successive rulers.

The Roman theatre was built in the 1st century AD, in a natural depression in the hillside, its poor condition led to it being restored (somewhat controversially) using mostly modern materials.

One of the 'must visit' places on the Costa del Azahar, Sagunt (Sagunto) can be accessed from the A-23 or the A-7 motorway, it is about 25 km from Valencia and its airport.

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