Alcala de la Selva

Guide to Alcala de la Selva, a town in Aragon, inland from the Costa del Azahar.

Town Guide for Alcala de la Selva Aragon

Alcala de la Selva - This small village set in the heart of Aragon is a breath of fresh air, set amongst mountains it offers the best of both worlds. In the summer it is a welcome escape from the heat and crowds of the beach, and in the winter, Valdelinares, just a ten minute drive away, is one of the best and least known ski resorts in Spain. You can park right next to the ski-lift and there are slopes catering for all levels of skiers, from beginners to the more advanced.

The village of Alcala de la Selva has a population of just 620 inhabitants and everyone in the village seems to know one another. It is a place where people have time to stop and chat, and the narrow, cobbled streets don't favour fast driving. The pace of life slows when you step out into the crisp mountain air and sample the local ham with a chunk of fresh village bread, baked in the local bakery. If you want to buy a loaf, and the bakery is closed, you jusy knock on the front door of the house next door, and they open up the store and hand over the bread to you - now that's service!

There are various places to stay in the village, from hotels to rural houses, in fact tourism is a welcome form of income for the local residents, who try to make an honest living. The ruins of an Arabic castle overlook the village and reminds visitors of the Arab dominance in the area over 1000 years ago. Alcala comes from the arabic word Al-Kalat meaning 'the castle'. In 1900 there were 1,500 inhabitant in the village of Alcala de la Selva. The river that runs through the bottom of the village enriches the soil, and in times gone by agriculture was a good way of life. Nowadays, like so many other Spanish inland villages, many youngsters move to cities in search of more interesting work, and the population is forever on the decrease.

For those who like a game of golf the Alcala de la Selva has not escaped the spread of this sport, and El Castillejo, a nine hole course is located nearby.

The village offers fiestas throughout the year, such as Virgen de la Vega on September 8th, and throughout various weekends in August, bulls are let free in the streets, and emotions run high.

In the surrounding areas, walking is a great option, there are various routes that can be followed and there are many other interesting villages and towns nearby, which may be passed on your journey to get to Alcala de la Selva. Mora de Rubielos and Rubielos de Mora, to the south of Alcala de la Selva both offer fantastic castles in pristine condition and also some interesting museums.

Further away, about ninety minutes drive westwards, you will come to Albarracin, an award winning town for its beautiful architecture and lack of signs of modernisation, it was declared a Monumento Nacional in 1961 and at present is being considered by UNESCO as a National Monument of World Interest. Walking round its cobbled streets, one steps back into medieval times, where you can forget all the stress and worries of modern day life. Cars must be parked outside the city walls, and everywhere is then reached on foot. The red tiles on the roofs contrast starkly with the green hills in the background.

To get to this area you need to head towards Teruel, about an hours drive northwest of Valencia, before you reach Teruel you want to come off the N-234 road and take the A-228 to Mora de Rubielos, follow the road through the town and continue then along the A-228 all the way to Alcala de la Selva, from Valencia it is about a 90 minute drive.

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