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Benferri Spain - Lying on the CV 871 is the small village of Benferri. Ideally situated in the triangle between Orihuela, Murcia and Alicante. Benferri is a delightful village to visit.

The history, like so many others in the Vega Baja region, goes back to the wars between the Romans and the Carthaginians and later between the Christians and the Muslims. Under the long Arab occupation there were many technological advances including the building of dams and irrigation channels which made the area suitable for the fruit and vegetables which are still grown there. In 1242 under the reign of Fernando el Santo the village became known as Benferri. In 1494 James Rocamora began building houses for just 29 families, this work was continued by his son Jeronimo de Rocamora and so the small enclave began to grow.

The church of San Jeronimo, the Patron Saint of Benferri, was constructed in 1622 and whilst beautiful inside it has evidence of being slightly modernised and is perhaps not quite as grand as some of the local churches seen in the villages of the Vega Baja. It was however, the first important structure of the village and as such claims the first mention of places to visit.

As opposed to the church the Ayuntamiento of Benferri is a modern structure and is dedicated to uphold the Spanish values of Peace, Freedom and Progress. In front of the Ayuntamiento is the town square with its pretty trees, shrubs and flowers. There are plenty of seats and of course a fountain which makes it a very pleasant place to sit and watch the world go by. Also of modern construction are the Medical Centre; the Casa de Musica; the very progressive schools and a Shrine or Ermita de La Cruz. In common with so many other villages, Benferri enjoys a good reputation for the quality and talent of its young musicians and music in general has an integral part in the culture of the village.

There is a wonderful park and barbeque area with many barbeques and plenty of seating where you can enjoy a more elaborate picnic. Throughout the village are many such parks some with play equipment for the children. The most fun however, is to try and find the shops. You know that they must be there but Benferri does not have a High Street as such and the tiny shops are tucked away. There are of course the usual range of bars and restaurants.

The village holds fiestas during the months of August, September and October to celebrate the Patron Saint, San Jeronimo and the Virgen del Rosario with the usual processions and fireworks the major fiesta is dedicated to the Romerio del Dia de la Cruz. On the last day of October the festival concentrates on the Auroros of the Vega Baja, the very early morning singers. At one time these singers would parade through all the streets of the village but nowadays it is more likely that they will sing in the church.

The atmosphere in Benferri is extremely peaceful, and the residents are very friendly. It is a very clean village with some beautiful parks and perhaps it realises that it stands now on the crossroads between the old traditions and accepting some of the more modern ways. It is a lovely village to visit where everything is within easy distance, so park the car and enjoy Benferri.

Article provided by kind permission of The Leader Newspaper.

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