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Palm Tree Farming - in Elche Spain

Palm Tree Farming - Elche -The palm tree forests of Elche provide 2 main products - dates (for eating) and white palm leaves (used in Easter celebrations). In order for these products to be available each year, the palm trees have to be cared for, much like any other crop.

During the spring, the palm trees have to be pollinated, as palm trees are either male or female, pollen has to be collected from the male trees and applied to the female palms in order for dates to be produced.

In the summer time the dry leaves must be pruned from the palms to maintain a healthy tree.

The mature dates are picked during the late autumn and the task is called ‘munyir’.

For all these operations, the palm tree farmers climb the trees using a system of ropes.

The white palm leaves which are used in the Elche ‘Palm Sunday’ processions are produced by a method known as ‘hooding’ (‘encaporatxat’), whereby the new palm leaves are covered with a hood and protected from the sun, this results in them taking on a white colour rather than the usual green. The white leaves are hand-crafted into many artistic shapes and creations.

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