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Map and guide to Monforte del Cid, a town on the Costa Blanca, Spain.

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Monforte del Cid Map - Above is a location map for the Costa Blanca town of Monforte del Cid. Using the buttons on the top left of the map you can zoom in and out for a better view and to find main street addresses, you can in fact get a detailed street map of Monforte del Cid. The town is situated about 20 kilometres from Alicante and its airport.

Monforte del Cid Guide - Located just to the east of the Costa Blanca towns of Novelda and Aspe is the small town of Monforte del Cid, with a resident population of around 6,000 it is renowned for its table (dessert) grapes, which are bagged and left on the vine in October, especially for use throughout Spain on New Year’s Eve when they are savoured in households throughout the country (the process of bagging with a paper bag is done to protect the bunch and retard the ripening process of the grapes).

Monforte del Cid is situated in the eastern Vinalopo Valley and was settled by the Iberians, the renowned Iberian Bull statue, which was uncovered in the region is now on display in the town’s main museum. Monforte del Cid was later the location of a Roman village, and there are still remains to this day with further artefacts and remains on show in the museum. Little firm evidence is known of Monforte del Cid’s early history although it would certainly have been occupied by the Moors and evidence still remains in the old town where there is a medieval Moslem quarter together with a later Christian section. The Moors were defeated by the Christians in the mid-thirteenth century and the last of the Moors (moriscos) were expelled by 1609.

The town's name has changed a number of times over the centuries and during the Thirteenth Century it was known as Nompot this later became Monfort due to its location at the base of a hill containing a fortress, then an 'e' was added - Monforte and finally in 1910 (as there were 3 other Spanish towns with the same name) it became Monforte del Cid (after the nearby mountain - Sierra del Cid), because were three other Spanish towns with the same name.

During the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714) Monforte de Cid remained faithful to the Bourbons and was presented the title Villa Leal y Fiel (roughly Loyal and Faithful) by Felipe V in 1706, officially making it a town, Monforte del Cid also received the Toisón de Oro (Toisón Gold) which was incorporated into the coat of arms of the town, as it still remains today.

In the nearby mountain retreat of Orito in 1555 there was allegedly an apparition of The Virgin Mary, this led to Orito becoming a place of pilgrimage and a convent was built there during the 16th Century. The nearby Fuente Santa spring has long been recognised for its medicinal properties. During May up to 100,000 people visit this remote mountain refuge, the Sierra Eagles, the Cave of San Pascual and the convent.

Monforte del Cid's economic survival relies mostly on mostly relies on the production of table grapes (dessert grapes) for which it is world renowned and also on marble of which it is a large producer. Other significant products include aniseed flavoured drinks, spirits and liqueurs for which it is also well known, the most famous drink of all being the “Paloma Monfortina” which it has produced for over a century.

Monforte del Cid of course celebrates numerous festivals and fiestas, these include the Moors and Christians (held during November and December), the Pilgrimage of San Pascual (held on 17th May), the Virgin of Orito (also 17th May), the Festival of San Ramon (31st August), the Santo Cristo (14th September) and the festival of San Roque (16th August).

Interesting places to visit in Monforte include the Fifteenth Century gothic parish church of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves and the hermitages of San Pascual (17th Century) and San Roque (18th Century).

The town of Monforte de Cid is situated just off the A31 between Alicante and Elda and is about 20 kilometres from the city of Alicante. Monforte del Cid is part of the Comunidad de Valencia.

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