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Spanish Articles - Spain Travel Guide: Have you been thinking of travelling to Spain recently? If so this useful guide is here to help you get the maximum enjoyment from your trip. Situated in south-western Europe on the Iberian Peninsular, Spain remains as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. You may be considering visiting to enjoy the wonderful climate and take a relaxing vacation, you may want to learn a little of the Spanish history and culture - whatever the reason for your visit you will surely find plenty to experience and full Spanish article: Spain Travel Guide.

Spanish Articles - Barcelona: From the Costa Blanca there are a number of ways to travel to Barcelona, one of the major Spanish cities, by plane, car or bus. For a scenic, relaxing way of travelling, however, you can't beat the train. Trains run regularly from the main station in Alicante via Valencia, Castellon and Tarragona, taking four and a half hours to reach Barcelona. The journey takes you north from Alicante past the Modernist church at Novelda, giving you a taste of what's to come when you reach Barcelona. The train arrives at 'Sants' station in Barcelona, from where it is possible to travel by underground train to all parts of the city. Barcelona is the ideal city for a short full article: Barcelona.

Spanish Articles - Alicante: The second largest city in the province of Valencia with a population of around 300,000, Alicante has the look and feel of a modern Spanish city, however its modern look hides a history that goes back to the 4th Century BC. The city sits neatly beside the Mediterranean sea, proudly guarded by mountains which explains its history as an important Spanish sea port and trading full article: Alicante.

Spanish Articles - Granada: What do George Clooney, Antonio Banderas and Granada have in common? The answer of course is the Alhambra Palace. These two film stars have been in Spain over the festive season and are supporting the petition for the Alhambra Palace to be nominated as one of the new ten Wonders of the World. Built on the site of an original fortress the Alhambra had a triple role; it was a palace, a small full Spanish article: Granada.

Spanish Articles - Valencia: What can you expect to do and see in one of the major Spanish cities? It is an historical, dynamic and enterprising city and the Capital of Valencia Region and its history is as fascinating as the modern progressive city. The prosperity of its agriculture area and the success of its silk industry coupled with its development as a financial and business centre made the period between the 15th and 17th century the Golden Age and it saw the birth of such eminent authors as Joanot Matorell who wrote the Tirant lo Balnc (The White Knight) full article: Valencia.

Spanish Articles - Madrid: Madrid, the capital city of Spain is certainly a city with class and culture. It is the largest Spanish city and one of the biggest in Europe with a population of three and a half million (2005) and a metropolitan population approaching 6 million. Madrid is a vibrant and exciting city to visit and has much to offer tourists of all ages - spectacular architecture, fine museums and art galleries, an exciting and pulsating nightlife and a varied full article: Madrid.

Spanish Articles - Orihuela: Orihuela, the capital of the Vega Baja region of the southern Costa Blanca, is perhaps best known for its magnificent churches, palaces and monasteries, of which there are many. Orihuela is also renowned for being the birthplace and home of the famous Spanish poet Miguel Hernandez (1910 - 1942). Orihuela has a distinguished cultural full article: Orihuela.

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