Guide to Travel in Spain

Useful Spain travel guide offering some tips on travelling in this historic country.

Spain Travel Guide and Tourist Information

Spain Travel Guide - Have you been thinking of travelling to Spain? If so this guide is here to help you get the maximum enjoyment from your trip. Located in south-western Europe on the Iberian Peninsular, Spain remains as one of the most popular tourist spots in Europe. You may be thinking of visiting to enjoy the wonderful climate and take a relaxing holiday, you may want to learn a little of it’s history and culture - whatever the reason for your visit you will surely find plenty to experience and enjoy.

If you are heading for the big cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona or Granada or for the popular coastal resorts such as Benidorm or Torremolinos you will want to book early, you should allow at least 3 months for hotel bookings, airline tickets, airport transfers and car hire reservations. This is particularly important if you are planning to travel in the high season.

When you have made all your reservations you can begin to prepare for your trip. Try to obtain a decent book or two about the country and also the area you are to visit, learn some of it’s history and culture - this will make your visit more interesting. You will find it invaluable to learn a little of the Spanish language before you go, being able to speak a few words of the native language is fun and rewarding. Swot up on the monetary system and find an easy way to convert the euro to your own currency so you can have an idea of how much you are spending.

Another interesting thing to do is read up on the cuisine of Spain, learn about some of its more popular dishes and maybe try one or two of these in a Spanish style restaurant before you go. You can experiment during your trip and see how true to the native gastronomy your local Spanish restaurant really is!

Try to draw up a list of interesting places to visit during your stay and if you are planning to rent a car, be sure to get yourself a good up to date road map to help you find your way around. Preparing for your trip in advance will save you valuable holiday time when you arrive.

Tourist guide books can be very useful but they can be some years out of date and the Spain of today may bear no relation to the country that existed when they were first written. You will find plenty of current information on the internet, so make sure you check some of the great information websites relating to the area you are visiting.

Once you arrive you can try out a few of your newly learned Spanish words, you will have probably have learnt hola (hello), gracias (thank you) and Buenos dias (good day). The locals will appreciate you using these few words and may even teach you some new ones. Use your words as often as you can and you will learn quickly.

If you are hiring a car you will need to aware of some laws in Spain, remember to bring your driving licence with you. Seat belts are compulsory and children under 14 years of age should be seated in the rear of the vehicle (with seat belts on), if you are visiting from the UK your driving position will be reversed, so take your time and get used to the gear stick and handbrake positions.

Speed restrictions are well signposted and generally range from 70 km per hour to 120 km per hour on main roads (30-40 in towns and cities), speed cameras have not been common in Spain but are now appearing on many roads so for your own, and others safety, stick to the speed limit.

Driving in towns and cities can be very tricky and at times stressful, many Spanish towns have narrow streets and very few parking spaces, the Spanish are very fond of one-way systems but their drivers do not always abide by them, so watch out for vehicles coming the wrong way up a one-way street! Be vigilant at all times.

As with travelling to any country you need to be prepared and also to be watchful when you arrive. Keep your money and your passports in a safe place (a hotel will have safety deposit boxes - use them) and observe the normal precautions that you would at home. Have a safe and enjoyable trip to Spain and hopefully it will be the first of many…..Bien Viaje.

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