Learn the Days of the Week in Spanish

Learn the Spanish days of the week, tips on how to pronounce them.

Language Lessons - Spanish Days of the Week

Remember Spanish - Learn Spanish Days of the Week

Our next lesson is to learn the Spanish days of the week, this is of course one of the first things you should learn as the days of the week are some of the more commonly used Spanish words and are very helpful in everyday conversation. A good way to learn these, if you are not in a great hurry is to just learn one of these each day - ie learn the word for Monday (lunes) on Monday, and spend the whole day using the Spanish version of the word - this should get the word firmly fixed in your mind. The next day you learn Tuesday (martes) and so on, revision is done the following week. Perhaps you could also learn the day number and the month if you want a bit more of a challenge.

Spanish Days of the Week

The words in brackets are a pronounciation guide for English speakers.

Monday - lunes (loo-ness)

Tuesday - martes (mar-tess)

Wednesday - miércoles (me-air-co-less)

Thursday - jueves (hoo'ay-vess)

Friday - viernes (ve-air-ness)

Saturday - sábado (sah-bah-do)

Sunday - domingo (do-meen-go)

You may have noticed that the Spanish days of the week are in lower case (first letter not capitalized) unlike the English versions where the first letter is always a capital letter, also all of the Spanish days of the week are masculine - so - el lunes, el martes etc. The definate article (el) takes on the meaning 'on' when used with days of the week so the phrase "No trabajo el domingo" means "I don't work on Sunday"

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