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Tips and hints to help you learn and remember Spanish words and phrases.

Hints and Tips - Remember Spanish Words

Remember Spanish - There is no doubt that many people would love to learn a second language and of course many do, but for most of us, the task seems like an impossible one. To learn a language properly and to speak it fluently, a great amount of time and dedication is needed, and most of us, with our busy lives, do not seem to have that amount of time to dedicate to the task. Finding an easy way to remember a large number of words would seem to be a good place to start and most people don't realise that the Spanish language has many words which are the same or similar to their English versions.

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet and to be able to speak at least some basic Spanish would be a great help to many people. Finding an easy way to remember Spanish words is a definate advantage and will help later if you decide to go the whole way and learn the Spanish language properly.

In any case learning to remember some Spanish words is fun and is a great boost for your confidence, especially if you are holidaying in Spain or maybe even planning to live there.

Many traditional phrase books try to teach you a number of useless phrases which you will probably never need or use. Obviously you would prefer to remember some words which will actually be of use to you and this is what we shall aim to do here.

Firstly however I want to give you a few tips to help you along your way, these will give you a number of Spanish words to remember with very little work on your part.

Remember Spanish Lesson 1 - The majority of English words that end in '-tion' can be turned into Spanish simply by changing the ending to '-ción'. For instance to change the English word 'construction' into Spanish, replace -tion with -ción to make 'construcción and the English word 'conversation' duly becomes 'conversación' in Spanish. Likewise 'celebration' becomes 'celebración' and so on. You have just learned hundreds of useful Spanish words!

Remember Spanish pronounciation - the new word ending is pronounced like the English 'see-on'

Come back soon for Remember Spanish Lesson 2 when we will learn a way to remember a few hundred more Spanish words.

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