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Almeria Map - Zoomable street map of Almeria, city, region, port and resort situated on the Costa Almeria coastline of south-eastern Spain. Almeria has a good selection of hotels and holiday rental accommodation, and there are plenty of beaches nearby, most of which are still largely unspoilt.

Using the buttons on the top left you can 'zoom' and 'pan' to get a detailed street map of Almeria and plan your visit to the city. It is also possible to view Almeria International Airport 10 km to the east of the city and also other surrounding towns and villages including Retamar, Roquetas de Mar, Cabo de Gata, Rioja, Garrucha, Tabernas, Vera Playa, Adra and Mojacar.

Almeria ("The Mirror of the Sea" in Arabic) was founded in 955 by the Moors, its Moorish castle called Alcazaba is the 2nd largest Muslim castle in Andalucia. Almeria was an important port from early times and a thriving silk industry in the 11th century brought wealth to the town. Although it was briefly occupied by the Christians in 1147 it did not finally fall to the Christians until 1489 when the forces of Ferdinand and Isabella took the city.

During the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), Almeria was shelled by the German navy and along with Malaga was one of the last cities to surrender to the forces of General Franco. Almeria today has a population of around 190,000 people, its main industry is agriculture although there is a growing tourist industry.

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