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Guide to Cartagena port, an area of great interest in this historic city.


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Cartagena Port - One of the most important naval ports in Spain right back to the 16th Century, Cartagena became the headquarters of the Spanish Navy's Maritime Department during the 18th Century after the arrival of the Bourbon Kings. Located in south-eastern Spain in the Murcia province, Cartagena occupies an important strategic location and enjoys a natural deepwater harbour and this has attracted civilisations to the city throughout the centuries.

The harbour would have been used by Phoenician and Greek mariners as they sailed along these coasts and the city itself was founded by the Carthaginians in about 227 BC, recognising its importance. The Romans followed in 209 BC and established a significant trading centre, made more important by the extensive mineral deposits that were discovered in the surrounding mountains.

Cartagena port boasts the first true submarine which is on show at the quayside, it was actually built in Cadiz but was built and designed by a native of Cartagena, Isaac Peral in 1884.

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