Hippo Picture

Hippo Picture

Free Picture of a Hippo

Above is an excellent hippo picture shot at the Rio Safari in Elche during August two thousand and six, the grandchildren were visiting and their favourite place to go is the zoo. They particularly love the Rio Safari as you are still allowed to get quite close to many of the animals and also allowed (in fact encouraged) to feed the animals. Carrots and nuts are available to buy in the safari shop. The pygmy hippo in the picture is one of the most popular attractions and I can tell you he loves monkey nuts (one crunch and they are gone!).

I really don't mind if you wish to use this hippo picture for your assignment or for your website but I truly would appreciate a link back to my website (click here to find out how). I know that it is very easy to simply steal the picture and give no credit to the photographer, which is why I no longer bother to put on a watermark, but why don't you be the one in a million who actually gives credit to the person who took the trouble to put the picture on the internet.

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