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Want to use one of our images? Use this link text to give us credit.

Detailes of Link Text for Using Our Pictures

To use any of our pictures for your website please provide a link back to our site. We would prefer it to appear underneath the photograph used.

Simply right click the picture - select the "save picture as" option, then in the "save in" box select the place to save the picture ( usually in "My Documents then "My Pictures") then in the "file name" box type in a name for the picture. You can now easily find and use the picture whenever you need it.

To link back to our site please copy and paste this code into your html page:-

<a href=>Photo by Adam Smith</a>

To appear under the picture. It will appear like this Photo by Adam Smith - Thankyou.

If you would like a copy of the original full size photo we can e-mail this to you providing you give us the address
of the webpage where it will appear (and where a link back to us will be provided).

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