Egypt Map

Handy interactive Egypt map.

Interactive Road Map of Egypt

Egypt Map: Above you can view a useful interactive Google map of Egypt, a country with coastlines on the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea in North Africa. This Egypt map can also be viewed in satellite or terrain modes, and can also be zoomed in to view specific towns and cities.

Visible on this Egypt map are the capital Cairo, the major cities of Alexandria, Port Said, Suez, Luxor, Mansoura, Hurghada, Ismailia, Alamein, Asyut and many others, you can also see popular holiday resorts such as Sharm el Sheikh.

A huge country in North Africa, Egypt covers and area of over 1 million square kilometres (the 30th largest country in area) and has a population of around 78 million, the vast majority of whom live along the areas surrounding the River Nile.

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