Rouen Map

Rouen map, showing the Normandy city, in the north of France.

Rouen Map

Road Map of Rouen Normandy France

Rouen Map: Interactive road map of Rouen, capital of the Normandy region of France.

Rouen Normandy: Standing on the River Seine in Normandy, Rouen has a population of over half a million (Metropolitan), it is the capital of the Normandy region, and is a historic city which traces its origins back to the times of the ancient Gauls, who founded it even before the Romans arrived in the area.

The Romans named Rouen, Rotomagus, and built an ampitheatre there. Attractions in Rouen include its cathedral (Notre Dame), the Church of St Maclou, the Church of St Ouen, and the Palais de Justice.

Also on this Rouen map are Canteleu, Bois Guillame, Belbeuf, Saint-Etienne-du-Rovray, Petit-Couronne, Bihorel, Croisset, and Montigny.

Rouen can be reached via the N15, the A13, the E46 and the A151.

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