Spanish Omelette

A traditional dish of peasants, the Spanish omelette is now popular world-wide.

Spanish Food - Spanish Omelette

Spanish Omelette - The Spanish omelette (or tortilla) is a dish originating from the cuisine of the Spanish peasant. As the ingredients required could be found in even the poorest persons food cupboard, it is a dish that was available to all. An easy dish to make the Spanish omelette still provides a tasty and nourishing meal.

Unlike the better known French omelette (which is cooked quickly over a high heat), the Spanish omelette is cooked gently over a low heat to ensure that it is cooked evenly throughout (being much thicker at 3-4cm), the Spanish omelette is also tastier if left to rest for a few minutes after cooking.

The only ingredients required are a few eggs, an onion, a clove of garlic and some potatoes. The Spanish omelette can be cooked in a normal frying pan, although special omelette pans are available. Turning the omelette can be a little tricky so a quicker and easier method is to finish the other side off under a grill.

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