Rafting on the River Segura

Some excellent pictures of rafting on the River Segura, Blanca, Spain.

On the Bus Where's the Water?
Must be her somewhere You won't get wet.
Off we go. Rafting on the River Segura, Murcia, Spain.
Ooops Tricky Safely back to dry land.


Activities in Spain - Rafting

Rafting on the River Segura - Blanca - Murcia - 13th June 2007 - Pilar Badminton Club.

Above you will find some excellent pictures of the Pilar Badminton Club rafting trip on the River Segura between Blanca and Cieza in the Murcia regon of Spain. Despite being warned not to take my camera because it would get wet, I did so anyway, and was rewarded with some excellent rafting shots which will provide a lasting memory of the trip.

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