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Useful Llanes map, showing the fishing port in the Asturias region.


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Llanes Map (Mapa) - Zoomable road map of Llanes a town and resort on the coastline of Asturias in northern Spain.

Using the buttons on the top left of this Llanes map you can 'zoom' and 'pan' to get a detailed street map of Llanes, or view the surrounding areas of Celorio, Lagunilla de Gatones, Porrua, Parres, Pancar, Cue, La Portilla, Andrin, San Roque del Acebal, Acebal and La Pereda, you can also see the Club de Golf Cuesta de Lllanes.

One of northern Spain's most popular holiday destinations, the town of Llanes, on the coast of Asturias is a former whaling port, which has been inhabited since ancient times. It had its own charter, which was awarded to the town by King Alfonso IX in 1206. Amongst places to visit in Llanes is the La Basilica church, which was begun in 1240.

Llanes can be reached via the AS-263 from the N-634 (A-8), it is about 45 kilometres from Oviedo.

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