N.I.E Number

Information on the N.I.E number, required for many reasons in Spain.

Property Buying Information - The N.I.E Number

N.I.E.Number - In order to buy a house in Spain you will need an N.I.E number (foreigner's identification number), to obtain one of these, you will need to go to your nearest National Police Station and fill in an application form.

The waiting time for an N.I.E is about 2-4 weeks (15 days is the standard, but don't rely on it!).

If you need an N.I.E quickly, you can go directly to Alicante and receive one the same day, although you will need to get there early in the morning (5-6am), as the queues start to form then and can get very long (some people even camp there overnight).

Even when arriving early, the process can still take most of the day, so make sure you take a drink with you and a snack to keep you going.

You will need to take with you:- application forms, original passports, passport photos and copies of all of these (take 4 of each to be on the safe side).

The N.I.E number is also needed for purposes other than buying a house ie to buy a car, arrange a loan, apply for a job, form a business or company, attend a school or apply for a residents permit.

If you are planning to do any of these now, or in the future, get your application in as soon as possible to save time later.


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