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Bermuda Weather - Here is the latest weather for Bermuda, a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean. This weather in Bermuda is updated regularly, so you can always see the current weather for Bermuda, you can also view a 10 day weather forecast for Bermuda and its towns and villages. Today's Bermuda weather and forecast

The oldest remaining and most populous of the British Overseas Territories, Bermuda actually comprises 138 islands, with an area of only 20.6 square miles. Also called the Somers Islands, Bermuda was discovered in 1503. The capital of Bermuda is Hamilton.

Bermuda is an affluent country, with its main industries being finance and tourism, it has a subtropical climate and is warmed by the Gulf Stream. Bermuda is susceptible to hurricanes especially between June and November. Bermuda is a popular holiday destination and has superb pink sandy beaches and cerulean blue ocean waters.

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