Baños de Tus

Information on the Banos de Tus an area of great peace and beauty.

Spain Tourist Attractions - Baños de Tus

Baños de Tus - Fed up with the traffic and the hustle, bustle of Costa Blanca life? Want to see what Spain is really like, and what it has been like for many centuries? Then head inland to Baños de Tus (Your Baths) and learn a little about the true Spanish people and traditions.

If you fancy a trip to the ‘real’ Spain where people still live without mobile phones and satellite dishes, then why not take a two and a half hour drive inland from the Costa Blanca to Baños de Tus and relax in a different world?

You won’t find many shops or hotels, but rural houses are available to rent and there are a scattering of small hotels and restaurants. What you may want to do once you are there is walk in the beautiful woods and picturesque countryside. The greenness may remind you of home, but the sunshine and blue skies will soon bring you back to Spain. Another bonus is that because it is higher up it is cooler there than on the coast and can even experience snow in winter-time.

To get there take the A30 from Murcia heading towards Madrid, until Hellin. From Hellin take the CM412 westwards, passing through Isso, to Elche de la Sierra. As soon as you turn off the motorway and pass Hellin you will notice the change of scenery and pace.

Tractors start to take the place of fast cars and wildlife can be spotted in the surrounding countryside. Pass through Elche de la Sierra and after 5 km take the left fork in the road towards Yeste. Yeste is a beautiful town in the mountains with a very impressive castle, in excellent condition, which can be visited most days of the year. The views of the surrounding mountains and valleys are fantastic. Yeste also offers hotels and restaurants and one or two shops where souvenirs can be purchased.

From Yeste a winding road takes you to Baños de Tus, where you will find a hotel/spa here; one of the oldest in Spain. It opens from April to October and has a shop. If you carry on past the hotel and take the left fork after a few kilometers towards Tus you will pass a lot of rural houses for rent. Most cost about 100€ per night for 4 people, but there are some for 2, 6 or more guests. Each rural house has a more than adequate kitchen, many have barbecues outside and a few offer a swimming pool.

If you enjoy walking there are many routes which pass through tiny villages, over streams, through beautiful woods and forests showing all hues of green and brown. When passing through the villages the inhabitants, mainly older people as the young have emigrated to the coasts in search of work, will come out of their houses to greet you; as you make an interesting break from their daily routine.

The old way of living off the land is dying out, but you will still see allotments and goats and donkeys. There is a campsite between Baños de Tus and Tus, where you can ask for information about routes, and a few organised walking tours are on offer there at busier times of the year.

This interesting article on finding a little of the 'real' Spain was provided by kind permission of the Leader Newspaper one of the best local newspapers available along the Costa Blanca region.

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